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We work with you, the CEO and your management team to develop a strong, powerful organization, whose leadership behaviours are aligned with the culture and climate that will enable the organization to achieve an outstanding performance.

About Us

We began our activities in Montreal in 2006 under the name Institut des Grands Leaders. When we opened our Toronto offices in 2009, we changed the name to Helios Executive Institute (Institut Exécutif Helios).

We offer premium services exclusively to corporate leaders. Our approach includes personalized programs combined with public programs, which offer you a unique format to deepen your reflections on the critical elements of your
success as a leader and the ways and means to leverage the growth and performance of your business. We offer a performance-centered leadership approach, allowing you to build a strong business culture that combines excellent results with working methods designed to motivate and inspire the various components of your organization.

Specifically, we support your efforts to align business processes that will help you achieve your plan: your vision, strategy and execution, your team selection and development, eliminating silos, defining organizational structure and roles, building a culture and a climate of growth and performance and aligning behaviours.