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Internal Leadership Programs

1- Executive Coaching Program
2- Internal Leadership Program
3- Management Team Coaching Program

Public Leadership Programs

1- Strategic Leadership Program: « Great Leaders Institute »
2- « Alpha » Program
3- « Creating Growth Through Innovation » Program

Strategic Leadership Program

This 18-month program is offered in Montreal since 2006 and Toronto since 2009. It combines 7 two-day workshops and a comprehensive personalized coaching program.

Over 230 executives have completed the program since 2006, the vast majority are vice-presidents or at presidential levels within large organizations.

The Strategic Leadership Program enables participants to work the following aspects in depth:

1. Elements of leadership that will increase the impact on the organization.
2. Exchanges that create a climate of trust and frank dialogue that favour development within employees, influence and better ways to communicate the vision of development.
3. Using a structured and recognized diagnosis to help develop an action plan that brings a team's performance to a higher level
4. Spearhead a specific project for change within the organization.

Throughout this program, we work on issues and real challenges the participants face within their organization. Our method allows for a very practical approach and stresses on recognized leadership development.

Sharing experience is an important benefit of the program. Participants appreciate the opportunity to meet and to discuss their most important and most sensitive issues in a climate of trust and confidentiality.